Episode – Choose Your Story – Create Your own Storylines

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Playing games is one of the best methods to spend your free time and also to get entertained. If you love to write then there are lots of awesome creations present that help you to develop your abilities. When it comes to the most popular platforms then you can’t ignore the name of Episode – Choose Your Story. This is the best option for those who love to write or read stories based on different genres. Well, this game also allows you to create your own storylines and also to create the characters for them which are making the game more interesting. The first thing which everyone should do is to download this app from the on-device app store and after this, they can’t start playing it instantly. The reason behind that they have to create their profile first which is also important to enjoy some special features.

Finest details

Do you want to create a profile in this game? Well, this is a simple thing which you can do after answering some simple questions related to your interest. After this, you can start playing the game and it also allows you to mention your name, gender and to choose a character. It also provides you opportunities to customize your characters for which you have to choose the right colors, face, body type and other features. As it completes, you can start creating your own storylines and also post them to share with the other players. If you are not interested in developing stories then you can also go to choose some stories to play. The game allows you to make your choices and enjoying the different stories. You should always make your decisions carefully that can help you to have lots of fun and make your game experience more enjoyable. 

Importance of currencies

As you all know that in every game, there are some currencies present which has a great importance and also used for making progress in the game. Well, there are two main currencies that are passes and gems and these both currencies have their own importance and you should understand more about them to make your task easier. With the help of these stories, you can unlock the episodes of different stories and also able to replay the old stories also.  This is a known fact that beginners may don’t know more about the currencies so it is also difficult for them to acquire them by playing the game. in this situation, they should always try to collect more information about the currencies and also try to understand their role also. Passes are the primary currency of episode hack that can be earned in numerous methods and required to play the episodes of different stories.  

More about currencies

As you read earlier, passes are the main currency and without having this currency, you can’t play any particular episode of the stories which stop you to enjoy the game. In addition, gems are the secondary currency that players can use to unlock new episodes, purchasing gears and also to buy passes. You have to wait for a long time to acquire both currencies because it regenerates automatically. Well, you also have an option to earn these currencies by completing different quests present in the game. You should always try to earn more and more currency in order to make progress in the game. Without having enough currency, players can’t enjoy the game in a good manner. They should concentrate on the game to acquire enough resources and also to eliminate the different complications with ease.