Learn Effective Tips and Tricks to Finish Chapters and Stories

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Choices: Stories you play without any doubt is a unique game among any other games on mobile online store. With over ten million players played it worldwide and loved it all around the world. These games are straightforward, and even the child of a ten-year boy can play easily. Player has to control character to complete the story with a happy ending. While completing the chapters, players can also change their outfits and accessories with currencies and choices hack to get things.

For getting a high reward and achieve higher levels faster there some tips and tricks that players can use during play –

Ø  Always keep your character ready and look beautiful. Keep changing their dresses with every new occasion.

Ø  Talk positively with every other character because it increases the reputation and experience points as well.

Ø  While going date, keep the partner happy and respond a good and attractive answer so that will help in making the task simple and in your favor.

Ø  Gift things to friend and partner to build trust between you all will increase and as well your experience points.

Ø  Experience points and rewards are a vital part of the game, and every player should focus on earning these things.

Ø  Players can also link the game with social media account like twitter and facebook; it will offer diamonds and keys in free, which is a really great thing.

Gamers can purchase new outfits from game currency, real currency. Keys and diamonds are the most useable currency in game. While playing, it helps in gaining experience and achievements. Also, if players want to know more about the game, they can check choices hack services.